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Some additional items (and, eventually, maybe even an index) from The Sideshow.

We Want the Airwaves!
a page about the dangers of media concentration, right-wing control of news media, and corporate control of the Internet and entertainment media, with links to resources. (And now: We Want the Airwaves! weblog.)


By me:

It's all about me
A brief biography

Organizing Principles
What conservatives and liberals are really all about.

Gifts of the Heart
Why Springsteen's The Rising makes me think about Terry Carr.

Clues - a fanzine article
It was the summer of 1987...

By outside contributors:

Just for the Record by Dwight Meredith
Which is the party of big-spending big government? Who keeps inflation down and jobs up? Dwight checked out the numbers in a series of posts at his weblog, P.L.A., re-posted here as a single page.

The special relationship: Blair and Bush by 56K
Maybe this all goes back longer than we think.


a Usenet exchange from rec.arts.sf.fandom, a poem by Ken McLeod, and spontaneous jamming from others.

21st Century Tolkien Studies
When I posted an excerpt from another weblog, Patrick Nielsen Hayden responded, and then David Bratman, and then Patrick.... A series of mini-essays on Tolkien and fantasy and meaning.


A photopage of ancient pix of my pals, Patrick, Gary, Jon, Steve, Seth, and me.

An illustrated farewell to Dave Mooring

The Bill of Rights 2004

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Emergency weblog

Audio Avedon


Must read:
"Rush, Newspeak and Fascism"
at Orcinus:
"Oh, in case anyone had forgotten amid all this Newspeak: Democratic liberalism -- especially questioning, probing and ultimately pragmatic liberalism -- is a quintessentially American product. Fascism -- particularly the kind that brooks no questioning -- is not." - D. Neiwert
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Defeat the Right
in Three Minutes

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On paper, in black and white
Why can't you just admit it stinks?
Milton Friedman lives (and other stories)