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What We Believe - Jay Ackroyd and Stuart Zechman present a few statements by members of the Virtually Speaking group on our principles as liberals
(podcast) (YouTube clip of my statement) 8 January 2011

Sitting in for Stuart Zechman on Virtually Speaking A-Z (podcast) 01 December 2011

Virtually Speaking Sundays

with Marcy Wheeler, on Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and why Clinton's foreign policy. (And I accidentally said "Goldwater" when I meant "Rockerfeller" at the '68 GOP convention.) (podcast 15 May 2016

with Stuart Zechman, on the weaknesses of both Democratic primary candidates' campaigns (podcast) 23 February 2016

with Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel), on (podcast) 15 November 2015

with Stuart Zechman, on how Al From destroyed the Democratic Party, and the police state mindset (podcast) 7 December 2014

with Dave Johnson, on how to build power for the left (podcast) 28 September 2014

with Cliff Schecter, on Ferguson and the war at home. (podcast) 17 August 2014

with Jay Ackroyd, on the Supreme Court and religious exemptions (podcast) 6 July 2014

with Dave Johnson on how Democratic leaders sabotage the Democratic Party (podcast) 22 June 2014

with Stuart Zechman, on net neutrality (podcast) 4 May 2014

with Jay Ackroyd, the Easter Sunday show, (podcast) 20 April 2014

with Stuart Zechman , (podcast) 23 February 2014

with Gaius Publius , (podcast) 12 January 2014

year-end review with Jay Ackroyd, (podcast) 29 December 2013

with David Waldman (KagroX), (podcast) 17 November 2013

with Joan McCarter (mcjoan), (podcast) 25 August 2013

with David Waldman (KagroX), (podcast) 4 August 2013

with Digby, Culture of Truth, the week SCOTUS overturned DOMA and the Voting Rights Act (podcast) 30 June 2013

with Marcy Wheeler (podcast) 2 June 2013

with Gaius Publius, (podcast) 5 May 2013

with Jay Ackroyd, (podcast) 17 March 2013

with Susie Madrak, (podcast) 17 February 2013

with Dave Johnson, (podcast) 17 December 2012

Post-election wrap-up with Jay Ackroyd, (podcast) 11 November 2012

with Stuart Zechman (podcast) 30 September 2012

with Gaius Publious, (podcast) 16 September 2012

with Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel), (podcast) 12 August 2012

with Cliff Schecter (podcast) 08 July 2012

with David Dayen, (podcast) 24 June 2012

with Jay Ackroyd, (podcast) 13 May 2012

with Jay Ackroyd, special Easter edition (podcast) 9 April 2012

with Stuart Zechman (podcast) 25 March 2012

with Culture of Truth (podcast) 4 February 2012

with Susie Madrak (podcast) 18 December 2011

Thanksgiving Sunday edition w/ Jay Ackroyd and Stuart Zechman (podcast) 27 November 2011

with Sam Seder (podcast) 13 November 2011

with David Dayen (dday) (podcast) 30 October 2011

with Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) (podcast) 25 September 2011

with Digby (podcast) 7 August 2011

with Chicago Dyke and Jay Ackroyd (podcast) 24 July 2011

with Lambert Strether (and producer Sherry Reson pinch-hitting) (podcast) 10 July 2011

with Stuart Zechman (and call-in from Susie Madrak). (podcast) 19 June 2011

with Culture of Truth (podcast) 27 March 2011

with Chicago Dyke (podcast)1/31/2011

with Chris Kendrick, with call-in from nyceve (podcast) 2 January 2011

with Jay for a Thanksgiving weekend call-in show, featuring calls from Dante at DKos, Chicago Dyke, and Stuart Zechman.
(podcast) 28 November 2010

with Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) (podcast) 1 November 2010

with Susie Madrak (podcast) 26 September 2010

with Watertiger (podcast) 8 September 2010

with Digby (podcast) 28 June 2010

with Jay Ackroyd (podcast) 24 May 2010

with Stuart Zechman (podcast) 29 March 2010

with Culture of Truth (podcast) 14 February 2010

with nyceve on health care (podcast) 2 January 2010

Virtually Speaking Tuesdays

with VastLeft, (podcast) 17 April 2012

with Lambert Strether, (podcast) 20 March 2012

with Susie Madrak, (podcast) 13 March 2012

with Lambert Strether, (podcast) 21 February 2012

with Lambert Strether, reporting from Occupy DC (podcast) 17 January 2012

Virtually Speaking Susie

Jay Ackroyd, Susie Madrak, and Avedon Carol discuss whether our leaders are stupid and evil or just plain evil. (podcast) 15 June 2011

Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd

On Hugos, Bernie, Hillary, Trump, and election fraud (podcast) 27 August 2015

Co-hosting with Jay, special guest Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report. (podcast) 6 September 2012

interviewed by CS Kappler (Kendrick) (podcast) 5/8/2009

Find the rest of Virtually Speaking with shows that don't necessarily include me.

Copper Robot

with Mitch Wagner
on health care (podcast) 28. September 2009

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